Why Real Estate Agents are their own worst enemies

Many of the lead generation and house ads we run ACTUALLY SUPPRESS RESPONSE!

What do I mean by that?  As real estate agents when we begin marketing, we look around at what other agents are doing and we copy them; thinking that somehow these ads will make us money.  We look to what we consider top agents in our marketplace who run big and bold ads with their name and headshot and think that’s what we should do to get prospects to call us. Don’t take my word for it, open up any newspaper to the real estate section or check online and you will see what I mean.

Most real estate agents advertise the wrong things – either themselves or their listings.  These are what I call prospect eliminators.  First off, most prospects are not looking for real estate agents.  Agents are perceived as salespeople and most people do not call agents because they do not want to be sold.  They will call if we have something that they want.  Secondly, if you are advertising your listings, you too are eliminating prospects from calling.  By writing the features of a specific home, you are eliminating prospects from calling because 99% of the time, the house featured is not what the buyer is looking for.  It’s too big, too small, in the wrong area.  Again, they will not contact us.

As I wrote earlier in this blog, the only reason to run an ad is to get the phone to ring.  And the ONLY way to get the phone to ring or for the prospect to contact you is to offer something of value, something they want so much that they are willing to contact you, a salesperson to get it.  What should you be advertising? What type of marketing should you implement?

Your marketing, to be effective, needs to have universal appeal and will not depend on you having a certain type of listing – or any listings at all in fact.  You want to make UNIVERSAL OFFERS that have wide appeal with the sellers or buyers you want to attract.

Here are a number of universal offers you can make for Seller Prospects

  • Free Online Home Evaluation
  • Find Out What the Home Down the Street Sold For
  • What to do if your home doesn’t sell the first time
  • 27 Seller Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and For Top Dollar

Here are a number of universal offers you can make for Buyer Prospects

  • Foreclosure Hotlist
  • Free list of home matching your home buying criteria
  • Buy with Zero Down
  • 13 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home

And if you are advertising your listings, don’t just harp on the features of the home but give prospects a risk-free offer to get more information on other homes that you have access to, whether it is your other listing or on MLS.  Tell them that you can give them a free list of homes that match their home buying criteria by contacting you.  It’s powerful and works extremely well.

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