Craig Proctor’s The VIP Buyer System Revealed

Generate Tons of Loyal Buyers

Craig Proctor’s VIP Buyer System  Gets Qualified Buyer Prospects Hunting YOU
and Paying You for Your Efforts.

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DVD 1 How to Build the Ultimate Buyer Business

Discover a better, MORE PROFITABLE and PREDICTABLE way of working with buyers.

In this DVD Craig Proctor reveals to you The VIP Buyer System he painstakingly developed over his highly successful career that made him the envy of the real estate industry. Craig will share with you his mindset when it comes to working with buyers including the importance of creating “your own rules of engagement”. Craig explains how he qualifies buyers upfront and then compels the best buyers to meet with him and sign an exclusive buyer agency agreement before showing them even one home.

With Craig’s approach – everyone wins! You will discover how to get buyers happily doing most of the work enabling you to service dozens of buyers at the same time. With Craig Proctor’s VIP Buyer System you are guaranteed to make more money and work less.

DVD 2 How to Sign Buyers to Contract with the VIP Buyer Presentation

Craig Proctor takes you step-by-step through his powerful VIP Buyer Presentation that enabled him and his team members to sign 9 out of 10 buyers they met with to an exclusive buyer agency agreement.

Craig explains to you the many risk free consumer benefits he offers making it a “no brainer” for buyers to agree to work with him. Discover how he built an extremely loyal buyer business with exclusive performance guarantees that set him apart from his competition.

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For real estate agents who are sick and tired of wasting their time with unqualified and insincere buyers.

Craig Proctor will show you how to sign 90% of the buyers you meet with to an upfront exclusive buyer agency agreement so you are compensated for your efforts.


As a real estate agent you probably have heard common phrases like, “Buyers are Liars” and “You Have to List to Last”.

Craig Proctor, a Top Real Estate Agent for 22 years built a successful real estate business with thousands of happy buyers who signed exclusive buyer agency agreements with Craig Proctor and his team.

But here’s the BIG DIFFERENCE – unlike most agents, Craig Proctor would not meet with or show homes to any buyer unless they were signed to an exclusive buyer agency agreement with him. Craig Proctor positioned himself as a Trusted Advisor with his VIP Buyer System and thousands of buyers clambered to work with Craig and his team each and every year because of all the benefits and risk-free consumer programs they offered.

In this 2 DVD, 2 CD and workbook program, Craig Proctor reveals his secrets to successfully working with buyers, building loyalty with them and laughing all the way to the bank.

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Generate Tons of Loyal Buyer Business

Craig Proctor’s VIP Buyer System Gets Qualified Buyer Prospects Hunting YOU and Paying You for Your Efforts.


  • Craig Proctor’s More Profitable Way to Work With Buyers
  • A Unique Two Step Process to Sign Buyers to an Agreement so that You Get Compensated for Your Time and Effort
  • The Power of the VIP Buyer Presentation
  • Risk Free Consumer Benefits to Compel Buyers to Work with You.
  • How to Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition Using Performance Guarantees for Buyers
  • How to Build Loyalty with Your Buyers and become a Trusted Advisor



Sam_Wilson“Imagine the excitement of my Buyer Agent to hear that we really can get paid more for working with buyers with this system— easily!” — Sam Wilson, Lakewood, CO






Julie_Hummel“For the first nine years of my career, I was conducting my business like every other agent — banging down doors and calling on people.  But reality is that we’re in the information age now where buyers are on the internet for two weeks to three weeks before they ever even contact a real estate agent.  That’s why Craig’s system is amazing, because you’re not a used car salesman, and you’re not going out and soliciting people that way.  What you’re doing is you’re providing them with specific valuable reports and information that they can read to learn about the real estate industry before calling on you.  And because of the content of the information that you’re providing, and the actual details behind the research reports, these people feel compelled to call you.  In addition to that, there’s no other system out there that offers performance guarantees like the Craig Proctor system does, that also entices buyers to want to work with you and to want to call you.” – Julie Hummel, Merrifield, VA


Mendy_Kovacevich“We are a highly motivated team eager to get all these new tools implemented. There is never a better time to make change than in the struggling market where opportunity is endless.” – Mendy Kovacevich, Surprise, AZ





“This is exactly what I have been looking for as I am brand new to Real Estate. In my market, nobody is using Proctor’s system. I can’t wait to get going. I feel like I have an unfair advantage and I’m excited!” – Troy J. Kelly, Rocklin, CA

atti_Pardi“The perfect system to make a quantum leap to being successful!” – Patti Pardi, Scottsdale, AZ





Francesco_Funiciello“I am sorry I didn’t learn from Craig 7 years ago. I was always very skeptical because Craig was discredited by my former trainer. I can’t wait to start. I don’t know how to fix my car, but I am a determined “driver”. I have the best mechanic in my corner now.” – Francesco Funiciello, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA





Tammy_Bank“This is an incredible system! Craig has demonstrated the most amazing and complete tools and systems I’ve seen in the 12 years of my real estate business.” – Tammy Banks, Cedar City, UT





Kelly_Bright“This is the first time I have seen a plan that is a complete and integrated plan. I love that the pieces are simple and ready to put into action.” – Kelly Bright, Auburn, CA





“Great program. The systems and processes of the program have been tried and tested and they work.” – Marie Strasser, Radnor, PA

Robert_M. McGlynn“The right approach to selling Real Estate, the right content and the proper way, not old clichés. The best approach to now and in the future.” – Robert M. McGlynn, Ft. Lauderdale, FL





Brian_Rossnan“This is the most impressive and complete Real Estate Business Program that I’ve ever come across. If implemented appropriately, I can’t see how one could fail. I sincerely thank Craig Proctor for his willingness to share his system with our industry! This will change my life!” – Brian Rossnan, Boca Raton, FL



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