The Perfect Lead Generation System for Real Estate Agents

When I speak to agents at my events across the country, the drudgery and unpredictability of prospecting for new business is always a hot topic.  Agents tell me that lead generation should be:

Inexpensive – they don’t want to spend boatloads of money on big splashy image ads that don’t get the phone to ring.

Easy – you shouldn’t have to have a degree in marketing to figure it out,

Consistent – when you run an ad online or in print, you should be able to safely predict the response you will get and then measure that response to know your ROI (return on investment).

Automatic – meaning once you set up your campaign, it should be on auto-pilot.

That is what my Magnetic Lead Generation System is all about.  I have taken the very best and proven systems in direct response marketing (that’s marketing that makes prospects an offer and then compels a response) and I married that direct response to technology so inquiries get answered automatically, predictably and without my constant involvement.

And that my friends was my ticket to freedom

No longer would I be interrupted at a family or social events by a ringing cell phone or by a prospect that had to see a house right now.  The system allowed me to work less and make more money because I was spending my working hours actually being productive.  And because the marketing was so strong and compelling it got prospects calling me and I was now positioned as a trusted information provider in my marketplace.  I was no longer seen as a commodity.

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Craig Proctor – The Real Estate Millionaire Maker

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