The Ad that Changed Everything

In my last blog post I wrote that many agents run ads that actually suppress response – stop buyers from calling.  What do I mean by that?  As real estate agents when we begin marketing, we look around at what other agents are doing and we copy them; thinking that somehow these ads will make us money.  We look to what we consider top agents in our marketplace who run big and bold ads with their name and headshot and think that’s what we should do to get prospects to call us. Don’t take my word for it, open up any newspaper to the real estate section or check online and you will see what I mean.

The only reason to run an ad is to get the phone to ring.  And the ONLY way to get the phone to ring or for the prospect to contact you is to offer something of value, something they want so much that they are willing to contact you, a salesperson to get it.  What should you be adversting? What type of marketing should you implement?

At the time, in my town, there was a golf-course community that had just been built and it was the first golf-course community in our marketplace.  I noticed that when I spoke to buyers, many asked if I had any listings in that community.  Agents in our town loved to have listings here because more often than not, buyers moving up to a home in these neighborhoods would have a house to sell and the same agent would often get that listing too.  This stumped me until I came up with the ad that I reveal to you in the video.

It was a jackpot!  Not only did it get the phone to ring with buyers clamouring to get the information I was offering but it got them talking to me about their home that they would need to sell.  And the best part is the ad never expired!  It remained current and I ran it for years.  In fact, it is one of the best pulling ads in my direct response marketing arsenal that is used by over 30,000 real estate agents across the country.

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