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Hi it’s Craig Proctor, I made the same mistakes most agents make when they get into the business, I took a look at what most agents did and I copied them.

“I did what they told me to do!”

And what I was taught to do was what most everyone is taught to do:  Cold-calling, door knocking, chasing expired listings, FSBOs and hounding my family and friends for listings.  As we know from experience, these antiquated methods don’t work very well and waste a lot of time.  While most real estate trainers teach you more of this begging for business; to do more things that don’t work, basically to do more and work harder for meagre results –more of what’s not working very well, more time spent away from your family and the things you love.

That’s why I developed my unique Quantum Leap Real Estate Success System that I will highlight to you in my series of EXCLUSIVE Free Videos.  The Quantum Leap Real Estate Success System is a complete system with the foundation being my Magenetic lead generation system that compels ready-to- act buyers and sellers to contact you.  I then show you how to effectively follow up the leads to book an appointment and then I give you proven presentation systems to use when meeting face-to-face with prospects.  These are the same presentations I used to sign 9 out of 10 prospects I met with to a contract.  My system also includes technology and people systems so you can leverage systems and assistants as you get busier in your business from all the leads and appointment you will have.

This is the exact system I developed that propelled me to close on average 500 transactions  a year and put me in the TOP 10 for my franchise for over 15 years, twice at #1. 

And my success is due to the system, not me.  Once I realized that the Quantum Leap System is totally duplicatable, in fact at this moment there are over 50,000 agents across the country using my system – I became driven to share my message.  I became passionate  to share this with fellow agents so that no longer would agents be victim to purveyors of “the next shiny object” from people who never sold real estate or who sold it so long ago it was a distant memory.

My Success Can Be Your Success  

View the video and my continuing series and you will see that I’m the real deal.

Does Your Real Estate Career Kick Butt Like Mine?  Get started today with my Magnetic Lead Generation System – all my lead generation systems in a box.

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It is nearly impossible to grow your business by doing business ONLY with people you know – you need systems to do business with people you don’t know.  Only then can you grow your business to stratospheric heights

FACT: Most agents are taught how to fill out paperwork but not to actually get customers.

FACT: Most agents keep on doing what doesn’t work or work very well in hopes that one day things will change

FACT: It’s not about doing more, it’s about using proven systems to do less and make more.

Get my Magnetic Lead Generation System in a box HERE

Dedicated to Multiplying Your Income


Craig Proctor – The Real Estate Millionaire Maker

P.S: Watch the complete video series as I reveal specific systems and strategies that you could run to get leads and never waste a penny on marketing again!  Watch more videos for ideas, tips and strategies from Craig Proctor on Craig Proctor TV –

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