The Secrets to Successful Selling

The Secrets to Successful Selling in Real Estate
Discover the Power of Personality
When Meeting with Buyer and Seller Prospects

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On this DVD: REVEALED – How to INCREASE Your Conversion by Selling Prospects the Way They Want to Be Sold

There are 4 major personality types. The natural tendency is for salespeople to sell prospects in a fashion that would cause them to buy. You will learn how to quickly identify the personality type of your prospect so you can determine which sales style will be most effective.

Discover why you have better rapport and success with certain prospects and little success with others. Understand why some prospects do business with you and others don’t – even when you are making the same presentation?

Craig Proctor reveals that the key to becoming unstoppable is to have both a benefit packed presentation and the ability to communicate these benefits using the right sales style. Craig guides you through the psychology of personality and how he took his discoveries and adapted them to the real estate business.

In the DVD, CD and workbook set, Craig relates many humorous anecdotes that illustrate the secrets behind successful selling.

Disc Personality test included.

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For agents who are tired of losing business to competitors and want to dramatically improve their conversion when meeting with buyers and sellers.


Psychologists tell us that the average salesperson using their own sales style make the wrong sales approach 3 out of 4 times. In this program discover how Craig Proctor was able to sign 9 out of the 10 seller prospects he would meet with to a listing or buyer contract.

In this DVD, CD and Workbook set; Craig reveals the Power of Personality and the psychology behind successful selling to both buyers and sellers. Conventional wisdom says, “Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself”. Craig Proctor says this is not true and to be super-successful you must, “Sell others as they would like to be sold”.

This was a huge discovery and one that paid off handsomely.

This program will show you:

  • How to identify your own strengths and weaknesses,
  • Questions to ask prospects to determine personality type,
  • How to customize your presentation style based on the prospect’s personality type
  • Craig Proctor reveals how he developed his Secrets to Successful Selling program and how you can duplicate his success in your marketplace.

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The Secrets to Successful Selling in Real Estate

Discover the Power of Personality When Meeting with Buyer and Seller Prospects.


  • How to Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • How to Identify Your Prospect’s Personality and Communicate Effectively With Them
  • How to Customize Your Presentation to Become Unstoppable
  • How to Use Personality Profiling to Hire the Right Team Members

Excellent product for Team Training – Train Your Team Members and Duplicate Your Efforts.


Victor_Ibergs“Great info. Makes me realize I need to plan bigger. Retired from oil industry (I’m 56) project management, economic planning. Want low entry cost business. DISC test split between D and C (greater personal concept). Looked at Mike Ferry – not a good match for me. Craig’s approach is a perfect fit for the way I look at things.” – Victor Ibergs, Walnut, CA


“It’s amazing finally knowing that there’s actually a blueprint out there for success in real estate. Craig gives you the steps to success, giving you absolutely every piece of material that you need to grow your business and actually succeed in the real estate business.” — Spencer Tonkinson, Calgary, Alberta

Alan_Smith“This system is incredible because I learned that there were all these tools, all these resources out there. I felt there had to be the right words, to make this process easier than it’s been done and Craig Proctor presented that system. This is the real deal.  It has met what I expected.” — Alan Smith, Dallas, Texas



Marivel_Costanza“Craig’s system is wide eye opening and it made me realize that I’m barely tapping my personal potential and leaving money on the table.” – Marivel Costanza, Torrance, CA




CC_Summerfield“This has been the most valuable information I have ever received and I know it will be life-changing for me.” – CC Summerfield, San Diego, CA




“After 10 years in the business, I now know what to do right. Thank you. A Billion Blessings to All.” – Dora Ochoa, Corona, CA

Nancy_Britt“I am just stepping back into real estate and wasn’t sure that I really wanted to, but this system and information has made me a Believer – that I can have a Real Life in this business. The tools are so common sense, and amazing! I know I will succeed. Thank you!” – Nancy Britt, Ocean City, MD



Patti_Pardi“The perfect system to make a quantum leap to being successful!” – Patti Pardi, Scottsdale, AZ




Talley_Hess“This is the answer I’ve been looking for. Thank you!” — Talley Hess, Leesburg, VA





Ewy_Axelsson“Been in business for 32 years. Will start over with your system. Thank you, just what I needed.” — Ewy Axelsson, Montecito, CA




Bob_Mercurio“Craig Proctor understands the business, he understands the problems that you go through on a daily basis and he helps you to address that. He’s out here talking to us about major objections, things we face every day. He’s faced them all before and he’s telling us what he did, and he’s just trying to help us to get to that same level. Because of what we’ve learned, we’ve pretty much doubled our volume over the last year and there’s still a lot more room to grow as we haven’t been as diligent in implementing all the things that we learned. We have a goal to go from where we were, which was probably a transaction every couple of months, to three to five transactions a month as a run rate by the end of this year, and it’s certainly an achievable goal.” — Bob Mercurio, Fredericksburg, VA

Tammy_Banks“This is an incredible system! Craig has demonstrated the most amazing and complete tools and systems I’ve seen in the 12 years of my real estate business.” – Tammy Banks, Cedar City, UT




Kelly_Bright“This is the first time I have seen a plan that is a complete and integrated plan. I love that the pieces are simple and ready to put into action.” – Kelly Bright, Auburn, CA




Yolanda_Bailey“The information is great. It is by far the best system I’ve seen in the real estate market, especially for new agents.” – Yolanda Bailey, Fontana, CA





Ed_Moody“I could not ask for a better map and compass to guide my business to heights that I didn’t even dream of before.” – Ed Moody, Mission Viejo, CA




“Great program. The systems and processes of the program have been tried and tested and they work.” – Marie Strasser, Radnor, PA

Robert_M. McGlynn“The right approach to selling Real Estate, the right content and the proper way, not old clichés. The best approach to now and in the future.” – Robert M. McGlynn, Ft. Lauderdale, FL






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