Craig Proctor’s Ultimate Lead Conversion System

Successfully Convert Your Leads to Appointments

Compel Prospects to Call You and Learn How to Identify and Follow Up with the BEST ONES First

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DVD 1How to Position Yourself as THE Real Estate Expert in Your Marketplace

Now that you are using Craig Proctor’s Lead Generation Strategies it is important to follow up and build relationships with your prospects so that when they are ready to act they wouldn’t dream of doing business with any other real estate agent.

DVD 2 – Exactly What to Do and Say when Following Up Your Leads…Using the ONLY Script you will EVER NEED to Convert Your Prospects to Face-to-Face Appointments.

Learn the ONLY follow up script you’ll ever need: Craig’s Universal Call Back script enables you in three minutes or less how to determine the two most important things you want to know about ANY prospect: their timing and motivation. Craig Proctor explains to you the probing questions to ask to ask to determine who your best prospects are and the exact language you should communicate to compel them to want to meet with you.

Agents who perfect this script see their face-to-face appointments with qualified prospects go way, way up.

DVD 3 – Common Mistakes to Avoid When Following Up with Your Prospects

How to create “TRUSTED ADVISOR POSITIONING” with your prospects so you are positioned as a welcome guest instead of an annoying pest.  Learn how to avoid the small but deadly mistakes most agents make in their follow up that cost them dearly.  Watch as Craig Proctor opens the vault and shares the secrets of successful follow up.

DVD 4 – How to AUTOMATE your Follow-up System

Build a safety net underneath your business by automating your follow-up systems so none of your prospects slip through the cracks just because you forgot to call them at exactly the right moment. In addition to your scheduled telephone follow up calls, Craig Proctor reveals how you can create top-of-mind awareness with your prospects to ensure that they will contact you when they are ready to act.

Craig explains how he accomplishes this using multi-media that includes email, direct mail, voice broadcasting, postcards, newsletters, DVDs and more.

BONUS CD – Craig Proctor Unplugged – listen in as Craig Proctor follows up with actual prospects in his own marketplace. After each live call, Craig does an autopsy to explain to you his thinking process so you understand why he says what he says and what he recommends as the next step with each prospect.

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For real estate agents who are having trouble converting the prospects they speak with to face-to-face appointments and are having difficulty making contact with their prospects.

Successfully Converting Your Leads to Appointment: Craig Proctor’s Magnetic Lead Conversion System That Compels the Leads You Call to Want to Meet with You

Here’s an amazing fact: most agents DO NOT follow up on their leads. Not really. What they do, they do haphazardly. Some days they do, some weeks they don’t. They have NO SYSTEM.

If you waste your leads, you can’t hit your income goals, and your advertising costs may even eat you alive. If you kill yourself doing follow-up, calling, calling, calling, chasing, chasing, chasing, you’ll burn out and die. The problem is that even when you force yourself to sit on the phone to do follow up, most agents make a series of small, but deadly mistakes that snuff out their opportunity of working with the people they reach (if they can even reach them in the first place) without having the faintest idea what they’re doing wrong. Deflated by their lack of success, they rationalize to themselves that the whole exercise is a waste of time and that the leads weren’t any good in the first place. The whole process becomes a vicious circle of defeat … a self-fulfilling prophesy.

In this 4 DVD series AND BONUS CD, Craig Proctor will show you exactly how you can plug the holes … to properly value your leads … and to devise a very thorough, fail-safe Follow-Up System to protect them from other agents and convert them to clients, even if it’s 3, 4, 5, 10 or 12 months after the first contact.

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Successfully Convert Your Leads to Appointment

Compel Prospects to Call You and Learn How to Follow Up with the BEST ONES First


  • The small BUT deadly mistakes most agents make when following up with prospects
  • To build POWERFUL relationships that lock out your competition
  • THE ONLY Follow up Script you will EVER need.
  • How to Automate your follow up system so that nothing is missed
  • How to create your “TRUSTED ADVISOR POSITIONING” and kick your competition to the curb
  • Successful Strategies from the Trenches. Hear Craig Proctor and his SuperStar Team members explaining and demonstrating proven follow up techniques through role play and actual phone calls with prospects


Excellent product for Team Training


athy_Klukas“There are so many parts of Craig Proctor’s Success System but one of the keys for me was the Universal Call Back script — knowing what to say to people. I’ve been working really diligently on mastering the script because you could talk to people day and night that you have coming in on leads, but if you don’t know what to say to them, they’ll never meet with you; they’ll just talk to you all night. So working on the script was really important so I could qualify people and land an appointment with the ones I wanted to work with.”
Cathy Klukas, Keller Williams, Spokane, Washington

Phillip_Ward“This Follow up System Product is Awesome. Using the universal call-back script to sift and sort out the good prospects from the bums was a god-send. I did 32 deals my first year in the business, but I worked non-stop: seven days, or eight days a week, but now with Craig Proctor’s Success Systems for follow up, you know, I’ve got a life back. I work five days a week. I’m doing around the same number of deals, but with significantly less work and effort.”
Phillip Ward, Keller Williams, Fort Worth, Texas

Rich_Marasciulo“Purchasing Craig’s Follow up System has been the single best thing that I’ve done for my real estate career. I probably would be out of the business if it wasn’t for this program. I’m so impressed by the universal call-back script and how easy it is to convert leads into appointments using Craig Proctor’s systems and methods. Last year, I had eight transactions and we’re three quarters of the way through this year and currently I’m at 19 closings.”
Rich Marasciulo, Buffalo, New York

Kathy_Emery“With this follow up system, Craig Proctor gives you so many things to work with. If you follow the program, you’ll easily sign prospects to contract and get closings. The Craig Proctor Follow up System has really changed our lives. We’re a husband-and-wife team, so it really helped us. We’re trying to get to the next level in our business, and we’ve pretty much doubled our transactions this past year.”
— Kathy Emery, Houston, TX

Andy_Saviolakis“Craig is not someone talking about more ‘ideas’. Instead he gave us more practical information. He’s showing me what he does, and this is how you do it, step by step. This is how we do it. His programs and resources are a buffet of different ideas on how to lead generate and then how to convert the leads into an appointment; what to say at the appointments, what not to say at the appointments. And this is coming from someone who has walked the path before and is walking that path, so it’s pretty easy to follow those instructions.” — Andy Saviolakis, Taunton, MA


Anaita_Tarapore“Craig, your Success System resources gave me the boost and tools I needed and I am now energized to get back in the game. There is always this tremendous buffet of ideas and you take what works for you. More importantly, I have no fear of this market – I know I can generate the leads and will have success if I follow up on them the way you show us. Not only did I reaffirm that this is the only way to survive this current market, but it’s also the only way going forward. We learn about systems, discipline (still trying to work on that) and the key to all business: ‘make those darn calls’. Most importantly, you showed me that I can make a living and still take a day off in this crazy world of being a realtor.”
Anaita Tarapore, NJ


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