5 Key Strategies for Making MORE Money AND Working LESS in Your Real Estate Business

Hi it’s Craig Proctor and here is the second video in my exclusive free video series that I am sharing with you.  My success and the success of over 50,000 agents from across the country using my system, comes from the duplicatable systems and strategies of the Quantum Leap System.   These videos will reveal to you insights on how you can make more money and work less in your real estate business, while having a steady-stream of qualified prospects –    NO COLD CALLING, NO DOOR KNOCKING and NO GETTING ON YOUR KNEES FOR REFERRALS!

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Before I developed my Quantum Leap System, I had to work with any ol’ prospect that came along.  Qualified or not, I took what I could get.  I chased For Sale By Owners, Expired Listings, knocked on cold doors and cold-called ‘til my fingers bled.  Yes, I did get business with these antiquated methods but it was no way to live – making money was unpredictable and time consuming, while facing constant rejection was taking its toll.  So through necessity, I developed my magnetic lead generation system that implemented correctly will immediately generate scores of great leads from prospects who contact you.

In this video –

  • How to turn prospecting on its head by having prospects contact you – you don’t chase them
  • How to attract the type of prospects you want to work with and how to repel the ones that don’t fit with you or the way you want to do business.
  • How to build a steady-stream of business
  • How to determine a prospect’s motivation and timing in 3 minutes or less
  • Save money, time and effort by learning how to match your marketing message to your perfect prospect
  • Does Your Real Estate Career Kick Butt Like Mine?  My Magnetic Lead Generation System – all my lead generation systems in a boxCraig’s Lead Generation System in a box CLICK HERE

This is the exact system I developed that propelled me to close on average 500 transactions  a year and put me in the TOP 10 for my franchise for over 15 years, twice at #1.

I am passionate about sharing these success systems with fellow agents so that no longer would agents be victim to purveyors of “the next shiny object” from people who never sold real estate or who sold it so long ago it was a distant memory.

My Success Can Be Your Success  

View the video and my continuing series and you will see that I’m the real deal.

Does Your Real Estate Career Kick Butt Like Mine?  Get started today with my Magnetic Lead Generation System – all my lead generation systems in a box.

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It is nearly impossible to grow your business by doing business ONLY with people you know – you need systems to do business with people you don’t know.  Only then can you grow your business to stratospheric heights

FACT: Most agents are taught how to fill out paperwork but not to actually get customers.

FACT: Most agents keep on doing what doesn’t work or work very well in hopes that one day things will change

FACT: It’s not about doing more, it’s about using proven systems to do less and make more.

Get my Magnetic Lead Generation System in a box CLICK HERE

Dedicated to Multiplying Your Income


Craig Proctor – The Real Estate Millionaire Maker

P.S: Watch the complete video series as I reveal specific systems and strategies that you could run to get leads and never waste a penny on marketing again!  Watch more videos for ideas, tips and strategies from Craig Proctor on Craig Proctor TV – www.CraigProctorTV.com

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